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Group Show



Rua Castro Alves, 78 - Vila Nova, Blumenau - SC, Brasil


From February 17 to June 20 of 2022


Rui's One Chair


"Every woman is a universe. Every man is a universe.
Singular, unique universes. Within each universe,
constellations, galaxies and... black holes."

DisMantle’s exhibition emerged from the concerns of several women artists about human relationships, from the perspective of masculinities, a broad, indispensable, and conflicting theme, so typical of our time.

The idea of the exhibition brought together a group of six artists with very different personal and professional experiences, who until then had not worked together, but had confronted issues related to the theme from the most diverse perspectives, either in their personal experiences or in their individual (artistic) works, which of course, are always inseparable.

Confronted by the breadth and depth of the theme “masculinities”, the group of artists carried out a series of experiments, both practical and plastic, and reached some conclusions:

The topic is too broad, it concerns the whole of humanity and its experiences over time, and therefore has an inconclusive character.

Despite the magnitude and breadth of the theme, each of us is inexorably subject to it in our individual, intimate and daily experience.

Any attempt at understanding, even if minimal, will be fundamental for the transformation we need, and will always be procedural.

Therefore, the exhibition is an open process, which accepts the difficult challenge of talking about masculinities in a masculine space, not exposing certainties, but rather debating and imagining possibilities in a continuous and difficult process of seeing, reviewing, undoing, and remaking. The only way in which something new can arise within us and among us.

The exhibition


Aline Denise Bernardo, Celaine Refosco, Débora Anacleto, Karina Baptista, Juliana Silver, Vitória Freygang


Hanna Torquato