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Group Show

2022 Reunion


Av. República Argentina, 3430 - Água Verde, Curitiba - PR, Brasil


From January 18 to March 24 of 2022


MuMA – Museu Municipal de Arte de Curitiba, Domício Pedroso’s Room


"Celebrating art as a great collective instrument in building awareness and belonging"

Graduates of 1987’s class of the Graduate Painting Course, from the Escola de Música e Belas Artes do Paraná (EMBAP), will meet again in 2022 to celebrate their permanence in the field of art, present courses and each other’s productions and, with the public, will celebrate art as great collective instrument in the construction of conscience and belonging already in the path of revisions that raises the centenary of the modern art week of 22.

The exhibition is composed of three moments: a small review of the teaching-learning practices experienced within the scope of EMBAP by each of the participants, who reviewed their production as a student and were able to glimpse the thread that brought them to the present; a presentation of the contemporary production of each one that is precisely confronted with the previous production, a collective exercise that results in an installation that proposes to increase awareness about the path and the reencounter with the present and the future that expands as a place of decision and reaffirmation of intentions, individual and collective.



Deise Amazonas, Joana Adelia dos Anjos, Leila Alberti, Luiz Renato Roble, Lys Aurea Buzzi, Marlene Stamm, Regina Tizzot, Ricardo Garanhani, Ruy Veronesi, Sonia Vasconcellos, Xenia Mejia